Tuesday, November 18

To much body conact at work?!

It started last week that some studnets in the end of the week had managed to get a rash on their bodies and couldn't sleep. We didn't think to much about it by then since they are living together and well could have gotten in contact with something that gave them a rash.
Yesterday on the morningmeeting we found out that another kid from another year had gotten a rash and had to go to the doctor to get antibotics.
By the time the students arrived at noon there were about 30% of students gone from some classes and others were going to the docr´tors due to ichiness.
Let me tell you I was getting a bit hypochondric whentelling the students about there is an infectious rash going around the school if it starts itching search medical advice imediately. All students were itching themsleves by then (not lala infected, but you know how it is).

Turn out we have gotten Impetigo at school. Yay thank god I'm on there for two days this week. Only have to sit n a bus with about 30 of them today......

foto: ink19


Holly Hock said...

Usch, skönt att inte jag varit på skolan ett par dagar. Men nu måste jag ju dit imorgon. Hur smittar det egentligen? /Therese

Bambie said...

ingen aning