Saturday, May 30

Weather changes

Its amazig one day you are standing infront of your wardrobe and have nothing to wear, the next day you now exactly what to wear .

And then there are days like these when the sun is blaring from clear blue skies and all you want is to wear ALL your nice summer clothes all at ones. So suddenly your overflowing closet gives you a headache because you can't decide between the cute summer dresses, shorts and siglet, skirt and singlet or unc and tights.....

I have bin standing for the last 30 min wearing my panties only trying to decide. Came as far that I realized I want bare shouolders and girly...... But turns out bare shoulders and girly still gives me like 10 different options...

I need a stylist that tells me what to wear and when, just to save me some time when getting dressed!

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