Saturday, June 6

redrawng my work contract

So my new contract at work is getting finalized and lucky me is getting almost exactly what I want. I got the payaise I wanted minus €10, which I think is really nice.

Since I still don't have my teaching degree (thats the one I'm workring on) I can't get a permanent position. But I did find out as soon as my papers are in order I have it. And then was the issue how log this years contract were gonna run until. I wanted June since I then easliy can get out of it withou having to break any contraccts sing a permanent contract and quit or leave before end of school year.

Since I have to have the papers in my hand from uni that I'm done when signing the permanent position papers my boss thought for the best that we sing a temporary until june.

The only thing is to see what more courses I will be getting on my schedule for next year. I'm hoping some exciting couse like conservation biology and not more special ed animal science (I'm already spewing on this course)

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