Saturday, June 6

Special topics in Calamity physics

Special topics in calamity physics
by: Marshia Pessl

Love this book, it just pulls you in and make you want to read more and figure out what actually happened with Hannah and all the visualaids that is in there. The referenes to other books get a bit annoying but can live with that.

All the time I'm on the edge looking for my own clues and as always I get excited when I solve the puzzel and am correct before the main caracter does. Ok I'm quite sure the clues where obvious but still pleased with myself. It happens a bit to often that I'm W A Y off track and suspect other people or places etc.

So If you like gettig your head into a knot while readig about senior high school kids that has their own kind of issues (and no not talkig about the popular kids, but the other kinds) this is a book for you to read.

Oh and I love the Final Exam in the end!

I give it a four.

page count: 5354 + 418 = 5772

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