Thursday, November 18

almost there

So last week of the first course is almost over, ONly two more written assignments to hand in ( one today and one tomorrow) and then the exam on monday.

Had two orals this week and did fairly ok. On the first one I got an 8/10 (the one with the idiotic group member) and on the second I got a 9/10 (this one with the hottest guy in the class).

Fingers crossed I pull atleast a 9 on one of the subject. Do fairly well on exam & I should be able to clear the 85% mark.

At the moment I have 85% on orals. Written not known yet.

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Holly Hock said...

Du är verkligen bra på det här att studera! Du borde bli professionell student, eller är det samma sak som forskare det? /Therese