Thursday, November 18


This week I had lunch with a friend at uni. We were sitting talking when one of her other friends showed up and as cutom is we got intrudced to each other as this is xxxx say hi to xxxx. Oh by the way I have changed name didn't you know? Nothing wired with that. My name is now mr xxxx. Yes I'm having a sex change.

It was so wired when seeing the person it just felt wrong when i was told a womans name at first. Everything with this person was male. Yes you could tell she is a female, but nope I can understand the decision of sex change because everything about her were male (except the sex).

It made me thinking and we had a discussion yesterday in class about transsexuals and that they say they were born into the wrong sex. That is what I felt when meeting this person.

I didn't know how I would deal with ever meeting a person that have gone though a sex change is going to go through one, but after meeting one. I'm just like ofcourse I can see now (in this instance) how a person can claim beloning to the wrong sex.

I have no problems with homo-, bi- or transsexuals. But I have always wondered how I would react when meeting a person that has had a sex change.

In this instance it was so obvious that it was just briefly mentioned in the conversation and then we all headed into a heated discussion about what an idiot I have as a group memeber in a project. Just like that. "Hi, this is XXXX, by the way that is not right I have changed name to xxxx and will have a sex change" Nothing more so obvious so clear. NO judgement from my side more than clarity.