Tuesday, November 30

Day 03 - My parents

My Parents I love them. They mean alot to me and anyone who has meet me also knows this. They have bin by my side what ever stupid decisions I make.

My dad is not happy about me deciding to go back to uni and has said so, but he still supports me in my decisions that I have done while here. That is how he is. He tells me what he thinks when his temperament flairs and that I just have to live with. Especially since my temperament is as bad as his is and he N E V E R listen. Ok you think thats the problem of all parents they never listen. But considering my complains over it to and that he proves over and over again by asking the same question over and over again (getting surprised over the answer).

My mom she is almost the complete opposite of dad and I guess that is one reason why they complement eachother so well ( I know what I wish I had gotten from each of them). She on the other hand support me to death and listen to everything that I say, sometime a little to well for my liking. She is like me will remeber something I said offhand a long time afterwards.

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