Monday, November 29

Day 02 - My first love

So the challange for today is to write about my first love. Who/ What was my first love? That is the question I ask myself at the moment.

Ofcourse we have mr P who I loved( was interested in) for years and years and years in school. But he never liked me (as is the story of my life). Why am I supposed to write about him?

Then we have my first pet (that I can remeber) a budgee called Micke he lived for 16 years & I cried when he died.

Mr J was the first one who really broke my heart. We met shortly after that I had moved back from the states and I fell. I guess he didn't really fall that hard (or I scared him away) but he broke up with me on january 1st 2000. Welcome to the new Millenium. After that I think I broke some guys hearts so I guess the heart breaking is equal now....

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