Monday, November 29

Swallowing darkness

Swallowing darkness
By: Laurel K. Hamilton

Oh my god, what is this? Fantasy Porn?? I finished the book a while ago, but still haven't gotten over the sex in this book.
The story, well I would have been happy if it said somewere in this book that its part 7 of a series. Yes you can read it independently as I clearly did and understood it fine. But when standing there on a ferry trying to decide what book to buy I think it is important that on the backside or someplace write out that this book is part of a series and especially what part it is. This I didn't find out until I got home and googled it.

Except it being book 7 and excluding the sex what did I think. For me this was a modern fantasy that has a good story, but for me it was to complex and to much going on at once. This might have something to do with there being 6 books previously. But I still can't get over all the group orgies and tentacls etc.

I need a new good fantasy series to fill my mind any tips out there?

I only give this a one and that is for the main story if it wasn't for that....

page count: 6 324 + 528 = 6 852

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