Monday, December 27

Cluts part 2

Remember this? I asked myself what could happen the last 5 days.

Well lets see here. No broken lamps or plates etc.

But I did manage to:

  • Miss my laundry appointment so had to take the sheets with me homw
  • Forget all my daily arm/hand jewellery
  • Forget to hand in key at right place
The key I will send by mail
The jewellery I will have to pick up when hottie come home from Thailand, at the same time as I drop of the sheets.

The jewellery I forgot was:

my two graduation rings, thumbring, two other rings I have gotten in presents
My two nomination bracelets, pearl bracelet and VÅGA bracelet
My accent watch

You can imagine how happy I was when I realized where all my jewellery where...

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