Friday, December 31

Half way through shopping ban

Ok so I'm almost halfway through my shoppng ban. Someways it has been easier than belived. But main reason is that I'm poorer than a churchrat.

This week I have done some shopping though:

  • Hairremoval- I may be poor, but still don't want a forest grown on me. Prefer the trees and animals in the wild ;)
  • Dry schampo- I'm at war with my hair. Next step dry shampo
  • Lens cover for a camera lens
  • Colouringbook and crayons for flight -this is a must for me on longer flights (call me chilidish all you want)
A t-shirt from H&M Lanvin collection has also become mine in december.

ForBulleted List my flight to Egypt I have a little list for duty free:
  • New mascara- I'm sorry but my trial with budget mascaras didn't go well- Back to old faithful
  • New facial cream and cleanser- the jars are as empty as can be
  • Everyday perfume- belive it or not but had a harsh discovery that all my perfumes (3) were more glamour/party smells than something I want to smell everyday
Thats all. Will look for a niece pair of leather sandals on the markets but other than that relaxing is on my agenda.


Holly Hock said...

Gott nytt år! När åker du till Egypten? /Therese

Bambie said...

KL 09.00 lyfter planet från Kastrup imorgon bitti