Friday, December 31


The year when I:

  • Graduated from University with a masters in Education
  • Sotis traveled to the never end hunting field of hairties- R.I.P
  • Got a permanent position as a High school teacher
  • Didn't travel outside scandinavia (Finland belong to scandinavia)
  • Started University (yet again) this time aiming for a masters in Sciene (applied ethology and biology)
  • Was officially single for 365 days (ie thw whole year) inkl did not go on a single date
  • Started playing Golf
  • Took my dry suit diver diving certificate during the hottest time of the summer (drysiut I call it sweat suit)
  • Traveled: Westcoast-midcoast-eastcoast-westcoast three times during a month in my car- Living from my car got a new meaning
  • Partied it up in Gothenburgh AND stockholm
  • Attended two of my close friends weddings
  • Hardly read any books- shame on me
  • Bought a systemcamera and have since taken over 5000 pictures

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