Saturday, June 18

A glimpse of hope

This week have not been good mentally. I don`t kow why, but after getting back from Xalapa everything have just felt not right.

The monkeysv are behaving like angels and the reserach is going good, but there is something that bothers me. I just can not seem to be able to put the finger on what it is,

It may be due to the phone being silent, but that I should be used to know, it might be that lately the phone has made me smile quite often and this week when I need it didn`t.

Have been wanting to go to the beach for ever and turn out some friends went without telling me. Instead it now looks like I am going camping in the rainforest.

I have also booked a camping trip in July with some people outside my house AND contacted a diveshop in Veracruz. Will go there next week and book somedays so that I can go out on the water.

So overall the week has been good, why I am then not feeling happy?

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