Sunday, June 19

Xalapa Shopping

When entering civilisation my poor credit card need to watch out. Give me 2 hrs in a shoppingmall by closing time and you can bet that I will do a good damage.

My key argument is that I actually do need everything that I bought, since my closet seem to shrink in a higher speed than it grows at the moment. And when you only bring tops for 7 days its quite hard to loose 2 withing the first month.

Singlet from forever 21

Bra to wear under al my thin clothes that I have here.

Prettty singlet for when I want to look pretty (does not happend often here).

T-shirt- yes  this is in honour of my dads heart. I fell as soon as I saw it.


Oh yhea maybe computer stickers are not necessary, but my new baby will need some TLC when it arrives...

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