Tuesday, November 15

Cause Celeb

Cause Celeb
 by: Helen Fielding 

Cause celeb is written by the same author that wrote Bridget Jones diary I & II. I have not read them (will one day). This is a love story about a broken heart & trying to win him back. But while trying to impress the guy she travels to Africa for her work. There she is affected by people living in refugees and shortly after coming back she decides to start working as an aid worker. Yes she runs away from her broken heart and this is the story about life in a refugee camp as an aid worker. 

I read this one while in Mexico living in a rural area and can easily say that because of my living situation I suspect that I was moved even more by the book, than if I would have read it back home. 
There are some obvious parts that you know from page one how it is going to tunr out, but I really liked the political side and the communication problems and felt that I could sort of relate to the main caracter in the book at the moment. 

I give this book a four.

pagecount: 2615 + 352 = 2 967

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