Wednesday, November 16

A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods

By: Bill Bryson

Bill Brysons travel journals how can you not love them? In this one we are hiking the longest hikinig trail in North America. As a hiker myself there were so many moments in this book where I could just sit and nod in agreement with experiences and feelings. 

This book brought back my urge to go hiking at the same time it reminded me why I am not a fully bonified hiker (the heavy backpack, the rain, the rustic living). In so many ways I was with him on the track and could feel what he felt & that is what I like with Bill Bryson. There is no glamorous light around what he writes, its reality and in so many ways you regonize yourself in so many situations.

I give this book a three

Pagecount: 2 967 + 219 = 3 186

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