Saturday, December 31


They year its almost over and I am thinking of doing a review of the year when everything happened!!
I asked for an exicting year & ohboy did I get one!

started the year with flying to Egypt to clebrate my dads 60th birthday
spend 4 weeks at thelargest zoo in Sweden
Found out that I am going to Mexico for 4 months

Had a surprise birthday party for dear M
More weeks at the Zoo
Mexican Monkey buisness is launched
I went on my first, but not last date in 3½ years
I attended my first Kravall and am since addicted

I went on THE BEST first date in my life
I almost lost my dad and spent st patricsday in hostpital while dad was going through extensive surgery
Went back to work
Moved in with a friend as a live in nanny on the evenings (not sure who was taking care of who here)
Added to the list of my tv addictions

I had my first anciety attack
Went on more dates
Partied all night

Went to Mexico
Meet friends I hadn't seen for years
Had meat for the frst time since 2004
Started working with my monkeys

Traveled to Puebla for a surprise birthday party
Attended a mass weddning and confirmation
worked, worked, worked

worked, worked, worked,
had a mental breakdown in the middle of nowhere
Traveled to Veracruz and Papantla/ El Tajin
Fell in the lake

worked, worked, worked
took a holiday -  THE BEST 10 days ever
traveled to Xalapa, partied, Mexico City ,
Came home
more dates - my world fell apart

Uni, uni, uni
anciety attacks, anciety attacks
traveled all around sweden on weekend to meet up with friends
Attended October fest -  THE highlife of this fall for sure
Went back to the zoo to study dolphins

uni, uni, uni
started working
anciety attacks, anciety attack

work, work, work

Drank my self shitfaced and had to be carried home
had a date

Travel around sweden

Work, work, work
Good stod up
Thesis writing, thesis writing

I guess that describes my year.
2012! Bring it!
I guess this will actually be the year when things really happen

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