Thursday, December 29

I'll let you go

I'll let you go
By: Bruce Wagner

I went for the cover. After having gone trough all the books that I felt were readable at the two internet cafe's in Catemaco I had to opt for a new strategy when it came to finding books to read. It was that or reading stephen king for the rest of the summer. Let me tell you our house and a Stephen King novel is the perfect match for an unhealthy dose of imagination, as long as you don't count on sleeping or things like that.

So I opted for I'll let you go and oh boy did I like it or what. Its one of those stories where in the first few chapters you meet people from different worlds and you just now that their lives will merge and there is a lovely/ miserable story behind it all. Here your imagineation has to be vivid because there are some events that are just a little to surreal, but I think it was this quirkyness of the book that I really really loved.

With kids, money, psycological unhealth, death, architecture, bakery, homelessness, money, kids, social services, detectives, lost love, run aways, diabilities.

Yes t his book had it all. If you like quirky, unexpected out of the imaginatory stories. Well then this is for you. If not then I suggest you pick another book insetad.

I give it a 4.

Page count: 3 186 + 384 = 3 570

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