Wednesday, January 4

Elsas Värld

Elsas Värld
By: Sofie Fharman

I don't now why. I don't like this series, but yet I have to read them. And yes I will most likely by the thrid and finaly book to just to see how it end.
So what is it that I don't like with these books then? I can't stop reading them I finish them in one go and almost longe to be able to sit down and read the last pages. So what is it then??

Its Elsa the main character, I'm sorry but how stupid can you be, how much can you get away with and still keep your job, partner, friends?? AS she behaves she would have nothing in real life that would be the case she would have nothing. And the sex there is so much awsome sex, for 21 years old she is really really experienced and brave (ok you can be brave at 21 don't get me wrong).

I give this book a 2.

Page count: 4 293 + 409 = 4 702

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