Wednesday, January 4

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist 
By: Charles Dickens

Another book completed on the top 100 books to read. I really really enjoyed reading  this book, although I managed to get hold of a copy with the tiniest font ever and written in old english. It took me quite a while to complete it.

Oliwer is raised in a orphanged and when he is around 7 years old moved to become an apprentice. Due to some unfortunate events he ends up running away and ending up with the wrong crowd in London. But he is rescued by a man that takes care of him when he gets sick and brings him back into health. Then he gets kidnapped by the thieves and scumbags that he ended up with ones before. Lets just say that Oliver is on quite a rough path and all of those that means him well either ends up dead or disapears from his life in unfortunate ways.
But thankfully this is a story that ends up in the best possible way giving him some sort of redemtion and the life he deserved from brith.

I give it a 3.

Page count:  4 702 + 265 = 4 967

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