Sunday, January 1

Happy 2012

I hope you all had a great night last night. If it was with friends, family, alone, in a club or where ever you were I hope that you did the best of the siuation!

New year 2004 I was a sleep on a couch from boredom by midnight. This year we were just starting the night at Gretas in Gothenburg. Me and I had decided that we wanted to shake our bodies and that the best place to do that is at a gayclub.

It all started so well and ended in the best way considering the circumsanses.
At 2 am my purse was stolen containing keys, iphone, wallet, cash and jack tag.
At 3.30 am the cashier came running to get my attention. My bag was found and with her! It had been dumped in the mens bathroom.
My Iphone, cradit card and cash were missing but the rest was in it.

Today I have been moorning the loss of my iphone and especially the chance to play wordfeud! Phonenumbers etc I will get back as soon as I go home next weekend.
Fingers crossed now that the process with the insurance company will be fast.

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Ia said...

Håller alla tummar!!!