Monday, January 2

One day

One day
By: David Nicholls

Right before I was going to Mexico a dear friend gave me her copy of  one day and told me I had to read it. It was a slow read I will admit that & the mo re reviews I read the more the book actually worried me. Was this a book I really wanted to read when I had just left my heart in Sweden and not nowing where we were standing.
As the trip in Mexico moved on so did the book and at one point I just couldn't stop reading it. I was reading it every single moment I had a spare time (ok I was reading any book as soon as I had a spare time at that point).

I found out by a comment on facebook that this is a book that will make you cry. I never cried, was sad, but there was no tears. From such a wonderful story how could I NOT cry!!!! What was wrong with me. OK lets just say that the trailer at the cinema made me cry (no not the movie, the trailer).

I feel this is a book that I Have to read again when my emotional side and I am mentally well again. I want to be able to enjoy this book in full, because it is such a beautiful story and I regonize myself in so many parts in the book.

I give this a five

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