Saturday, October 6

Sunday plans

So this is my first sunday at home in my apartment with no plans at all since ehm earliest May.
Yes you read right I have  not spent a whole weekend in my flat since may (it might even be april) at home taking it easy, okok correction! I have not spent a whole weekend at home since april!

Today we had open house at work, so surprise no quite relaxing saturday at home, instead 6hrs work.
When I got home I had aboust of energy and thourougly cleaned my bathroom, showered my plants (yes afterwards in my shiny clean bathtub(clearly wasn't thinking here)).  A little bit more cleaning, like windows and mirrors, aire out my bedlinnens and freshly made my bed.

Tomorrows plans are to:
head to a big flea market in a nearby town
reorgnaise my bedroom
spanish homework (due tomorrow)
5 km run (lets pray I'm well enough to do this)
make lunch boxes

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