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Elsas hemlighet

Elsas hemlighet
By: Sofi fahrman

I have finally gotten around to read the last book in the triology about Elsa the fashion blogger by Sofi Fahrman (here you can read my reviews from the first and second book). Yes I was not impressed by the first book, neither the second and surprise the third is the same.

Yes it is easy to read and you finish it quickly, but I just hate the moral in the book: You can basically screw up as many times possible with your boyfriend AND still get him back, You can make a severe fool of yourself in your job AND still keep it, you can make a fool of yourself in almost any possible living situation AND still have your dignity!

Yes I know its fiction, but this is soo wrong, it gives the stupid blond fashion loving girl that has no brain stamp. I know there are many smart blond fashion loving girls that has managed to make careers without sheer luck/ sleeping their way to the top. yes Elsa the main caracter apperently has a sharp eye for details and is good at what she does, but why is she still so stupidly naive in the third book, make so many rookie mistakes that I am honestly to be ashamed to be a woman that loves fashion, has a brain and now how to behave in many of the sutuations Elsa clearly does not, but she still manages to keep her cred in the fashion world?!

Oh well chicklit as it should be I guess. If you want to hide behind the pillow, be annoyed at blond stupid girls well read it and learn how NOT to behave!

I give it a 2.

page count: 3 215

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