Wednesday, October 10

Sustainable wardrobe

This fall I have almost my complete wardrobe in one place, ony city. There are some exceptions that is still at my parents place, but this has given me a chance to actually see what I have, what I need and what I use.

Yhea the last part I should have knows clearly from having my wardrobe divided into three, but hey I'm only human. I like buying clothes and well apprently that is a bad thing, since I'm throwing away my money instead of saving them (yadda yadda yadda). For 8 months I have only bought necessary items like new running clothes, bra. I made two slipups: one pair of shoes for €5 and then a bikini for €8.
That was until I got my massive paycheck in end of august. Since then I have updated my wardrobe with some ehm essentials(links for pictures to previous posts):

Then we have the things that I just fell in love with
Things that I still need to get this fall
  •  winter runner tights
  • icebugs (if I continue to run in winter that is)
  • winter/fall boots (I have no allaround boots anymore)

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