Monday, January 9

Weekend 6-8 january part 1


I guess that sums it up pretty well. The new year didn't start to well I really can't complain to much one week later. Pretty please year continue like this & I will be more than pleased with you.

During the week I can easily admit that I have been struggeling with my thesis writing and hence from wednesday there have not been much typing in my document.

On friday around noon I jumped into the car and drove to Borås to visit E for a nightout. Our first night out in this town ever, and nothing to exiting but a decent night out. There were not to much people out and at Bishopiarms we severely lowered the average age, while at Harry's I increased it quite abit.
We had the coolest busdriver ever and were sitting laughing at him both trips, at Bishops a guy tried to unzip my top because I had such beautiful shoulders (I did not appreciate this), at Harry's E got a free drink, got a blind guy feeling her up. When we got home at 3 am we decided we wanted leftovers and sat up talking until 4.30 am. At 9.30 am her dogs desperately needed to go out and were starving to death (according to them).
I staied in bed until around 11ish until my phone started beeping and me getting information of saturdays night events and plans.

After breakfast we headed out into the forest with the dogs to get some freshair and give them some exercise. Then it was time for me to Throw myself into the car and drive to Varberg were the next party were on the agenda.....

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